Red alert: Tell your senator not to sabotage diplomacy with Iran

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Red alert: Tell Senator Harkin not to sabotage diplomacy with Iran.

In a major success, the United States, five other world powers, and Iran agreed to extend negotiations on Iran's nuclear program.

We know that war hawks in both parties will now step up their efforts to sabotage the talks, so CREDO is partnering with our friends at MoveOn to pressure Senate Democrats to support diplomacy. Will you call your senator today?

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Dear 5849376,

Last week, diplomats from the United States and five other world powers announced the extension of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program until July. While differences in the negotiators' positions remain, they're narrowing, and a final deal to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon is within reach.

The continued commitment of the United States, Iran, and five other world powers to the talks is yet another triumph of diplomacy and peace over violence and war. But despite this success, some members of Congress are already working to sabotage the negotiations and provoke war with Iran.

The fate of the talks will come down to whether Senate Democrats will stand with the president and Secretary of State John Kerry or whether they will join with Republican warmongers like John McCain to pass poison pill legislation (such as additional sanctions on Iran) and sabotage the so-far successful diplomatic negotiations.

CREDO is joining with our friends at MoveOn to urge Senate Democrats to let the diplomats do their jobs, rather than seek to impose further constraints on what are already incredibly complex and politically sensitive negotiations.

Call your senator, Tom Harkin: Don't sabotage diplomacy with Iran and start another disastrous war in the Middle East.

Despite what you'll hear from war hawks, the extension of the talks is a major success and evidence of continued progress. So far, Iran has stuck to the commitments it has made at the negotiating table, and, today, Iran is further from building a nuclear weapon that it was before the negotiations began.

Walking away from the negotiating table and returning to the path of confrontation will not lead to a better outcome. Instead it puts America back on the path to yet another war in the Middle East, which is exactly what the members of Congress who are trying to sabotage the president want — they just aren't willing to admit it.

Your activism in support of the president's diplomacy has helped us hold off the war hawks in both parties so far. As we enter the crucial home stretch of negotiations, the president needs our support for diplomacy now more than ever.

So please speak out and urge Senator Harkin not to be one of the senators who votes for war.

Call Senator Harkin: Don't lead us to war by sabotaging diplomacy with Iran.

Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager
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