Jacob Silverman on the crowdsourcing scam, Jeff Sparrow on the media circus around the torture report, Baffler swag for the holidays, and more

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Friday afternoon finds us all recovering here in Baffler HQ from our Anti-Holiday Party last night in Cambridge; thanks to the Anti-Santa, speaker Joanne McNeil, and everyone who came out to say hello.

This week on the website we featured another fiery salvo against the scams and schemes of the tech world, Jacob Silverman's essay "The Crowdsourcing Scam." (Which also features some excellent illustrations by Lisa Haney.)

In today's fractured economy, where tasks are increasingly farmed out to low-wage and temp workers, "the result is an extreme form of Taylorism: in boom conditions, workers have more tiny tasks than they can say yes to, but they acquire no skills...they have no contact with other workers, and they have no chance to advance or unionize," Silverman writes. "Imagine a factory in which each employee wears blinders and can see only the thing in front of him on the conveyor belt."

Speaking of a fractured economy, won't you consider including The Baffler in your year-end giving? Or commodifying (our) discontent in the service of your holiday shopping? Our online store has Baffler swag, books, past issues, and posters on offer; have a look!

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The Crowdsourcing Scam: Why do you deceive yourself? by Jacob Silverman (no. 26)
Agreeing to Disagree on Torture by Jeff Sparrow on the Baffler blog
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Sandwich, Inc. by Robert Appelbaum on the Baffler blog
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Do What You Love, a poem by Jill McDonough (no. 26)
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