Issue 26 online now, featuring art by Ralph Steadman, essays by Barbara Ehrenreich, Suzy Hansen, George Scialabba, and many more

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Hi there,

How are you feeling? "Sickness and Pelf" features the perspectives of those stuck in the waiting-forever room of medical culture, dogged by symptoms unassimilable to diagnostic manuals or public policy prescriptions, and baffled by the offerings of both the medical establishment and alt-medicinal quackery.

It's all up online now at art, stories, poems, and salvos by Barbara Ehrenreich, George Scialabba, Chris Lehmann, Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Steven Poole, Andrew Ross, Andrew J. Bacevich, Jacob Silverman, Suzy Hansen, Siddhartha Deb, and so, so many more.

Please enjoy.

-The Baffler

Issue 26, "Sickness and Pelf," is now online in full.
Check out the new art from Issue 26, up now in the Baffler online art gallery.
On Pelf, a tiny explainer on the Baffler blog
The Dads of Tech by Astra Taylor and Joanne McNeil (no. 26)
The Endlessly Examined Life by George Scialabba (no. 26)
The American Soldier at the End of History, a Veterans Day essay by Scott Beauchamp for the Baffler blog
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