Tell Democratic Senators sitting on campaign cash: Help us save the Senate

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These Democratic Senators could cost us the Senate

To Senators Max Baucus, Evan Bayh, Tom Harkin, Tim Johnson and Ken Salazar:
"Together you are withholding $15 million in campaign contributions donated by political supporters to put Democrats in the Senate. Stop hoarding campaign cash and help us Save the Senate."

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Dear 5849376,

Democratic campaign committees based in Washington DC are behind an escalating flow of dire fundraising emails to small dollar donors like you and me. But there's a potentially game-changing pot of money available to them that's being selfishly withheld.

The Huffington Post reports that five Democratic senators who are already retired or retiring at the end of this year are sitting on over $15 million in campaign cash that could be used to help save the Senate from takeover by Tea Party Republicans.1 What's worse, three of them are from states with tossup races that could decide control of the Senate on November 4!

Together, these five Senators could chip in $15 million to Save the Senate.

Tell Senators Max Baucus, Evan Bayh, Tom Harkin, Tim Johnson and Ken Salazar to stop hoarding campaign cash and help Save the Senate. Click here to sign the petition.

These Democratic Senators could cost us the Senate

We're not talking about their personal money. This was money donated to them by their political supporters to put a Democrat in the Senate.

Democrat Bruce Braley is running neck-and-neck with Tea Party nightmare Joni Ernst in Iowa today where Senator Tom Harkin's retirement has put his seat up for grabs. Sen. Harkin is sitting on $2.37 million in his campaign account — but he's not willing to spend it to keep his seat from falling into the hands of an extreme right-wing culture warrior endorsed by Sarah Palin.

Ken Salazar, former Senator from Colorado, has $1.2 million in the bank while his fellow Colorado senator Sen. Mark Udall trails another extreme right-wing Republican Cory Gardner.

Retiring South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson has nearly a million in his campaign account while Democrat Rick Weiland is struggling to achieve a come-from-behind victory to hold South Dakota's Democratic seat.

Montana's former Senator Max Baucus (now ambassador to China) has over $1 million in his campaign account. And former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh is sitting on nearly $10 million!

Tell Senators sitting on campaign cash to help us Save the Senate. Click here to sign the petition.

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana was nearly chosen as vice presidential running mate to Barack Obama in 2008. Why would he hold out his $9.8 million when the fate of the Senate control hangs in the balance? The only explanation could be that he must still be harboring political ambitions for the presidency. If so, sitting out this election when he could help save the Senate is a mark of incredible vanity coupled with astonishing selfishness that should be taken into consideration if he runs for higher office in the future. As a conservative Democrat, Evan Bayh could take responsibility for funding Democrats in toss up races in Alaska, Louisiana, and Arkansas so progressives could focus their money and energy on races to promote Democrats who share our values.

Make no mistake. If Democrats lose the Senate we could see the impeachment of President Obama, attempts to ram through approval of Keystone XL, accelerated attacks on the Affordable Care Act, a complete block on all judicial appointments and a deal that would raise the Medicare eligibility age and cut Social Security benefits.

While Democratic campaign committees in Washington DC are sending out alarmist emails to activists like you and me saying that "ALL HOPE IS LOST," there's a better audience for their pleas — their Democratic Senatorial colleagues who are sitting on a mountain of cash that could be deployed in the closest races — including in their own states — to help save the Senate from Republican takeover.

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Thank you for taking action to help save the Senate.

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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  1. Sam Stein and Paul Blumenthal, "Senate Democrats Not Running Or Already Retired Sit On $52 Million,", October 23, 2014.

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