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Susan G. Komen is pinkwashing fracking

Tell Susan G. Komen:
"Fracking exposes people to toxic chemicals that are linked to breast cancer. End your deplorable partnership with the fracking industry and return the money you took from fracking company Baker Hughes."

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Dear 5849376,

The largest breast cancer organization in the country and a major fracking company are banding together to pinkwash fracking. They're even painting drilling equipment pink!1

Yes. Really. The graphic of a pink drill bit in this email is straight from fracking company Baker Hughes' website.2

Susan G. Komen is the breast cancer organization lending its brand to this ugly PR stunt. The organization's endorsement of fracking is not just hypocritical but downright dangerous because fracking exposes people to toxic chemicals that are linked to breast cancer.

Worst of all, Komen and Baker Hughes are going to get away with this insanity if we don't speak out now.

Tell Susan G. Komen: End your deplorable partnership with the fracking industry. Click here to sign the petition.

Tell Susan G. Komen to end its deplorable partnership with the fracking industry.

Over 75,000 CREDO activists have already signed on to this petition. We're going to deliver their signatures, along with more than 30,000 signatures from other groups, to Susan G. Komen next week, before Komen founder Nancy Brinker accepts a $100,000 dollar check from Baker Hughes at the Pittsburgh Steelers' game on October 26th.

Komen raised more than $250 million last year. It's appalling that Komen was willing to help Baker Hughes pinkwash fracking's toxic impact on women's health for only $100,000.

And we can be sure that the breast cancer information packets Baker Hughes is shipping to drilling sites around the world along with it's 1,000 ludicrous pink drill bits won't contain a word about the cancer risks associated with fracking.

Fracking involves trucking huge quantities of toxic chemicals — many of which cause breast cancer — through our communities to drilling sites. Toxic spills, accidents and water contamination are routine, endangering the health of people who live nearby fracking sites.

(If you want to know what a company that fights fracking and breast cancer looks like, CREDO is proud to say we're the largest corporate donor to Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides millions of women with cancer screenings and basic health care each year. This year, we've already delivered checks totaling over $200,000 to Planned Parenthood, and given over $300,000 this year to groups fighting fracking including 350, Friends of the Earth and Earthjustice.)

It's the height of hypocrisy for Komen to claim to be fighting to cure breast cancer, while helping the fracking industry clean up its much-deserved toxic reputation for exposing people to some of the very same toxins that cause breast cancer in the first place.

Komen is deeply sensitive to public pressure. It reversed a decision to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of a massive public backlash. But unless we call out its dangerous partnership with the fracking industry, we can be sure that it will accept even more money to shill for oil and gas.

Tell Susan G. Komen: End your deplorable partnership with the fracking industry. Click here to sign the petition.

Thank you for fighting fracking.

Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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1. Rhiannon Meyers, "Breast cancer awareness heads to oil patch on a pink drill bit," Fuel Fix, October 3, 2014
2. Click here to view Baker Hughes' page about the partnership.

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