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Stand in solidarity with climate activists across the globe.

Dear 5849376,

Something big is happening in Australia tomorrow. Using traditional canoes, 30 Pacific Islanders plan to physically block a huge shipment of dirty coal from reaching the world's largest coal export terminal in Newcastle, Australia.

You and I can't be there with these brave Pacific Climate Warriors – but we can stand in solidarity with them and let them know that we support their activism. Sign our solidarity petition today and our friends at 350 will deliver it to the Pacific Climate Warriors to let them know they have our support.

Sign the petition: I stand in solidarity with the Pacific Climate Warriors and other climate activists around the world. Click here to sign the petition now.

The coal export terminal where tomorrow's big action is taking place is catastrophic for the climate. On average, the port ships more than 600,000 tons of dirty coal per day. If this massive coal port was a country, it would be the ninth largest greenhouse gas polluter globally.

Politicians around the world have continued to deny climate science in order to justify their inaction. But millions of people across the globe know we can't wait for politicians to get their act together, and brave activists are taking bold action to confront the fossil fuel industry directly.

The Marshall Islands, where some of the activists leading Friday's action are traveling from, could soon be underwater as sea levels continue to rise due to runaway climate change. And last year, the islands simultaneously experienced severe droughts and record floods – resulting in a deadly state of disaster.1

The Pacific Climate Warriors are fighting back. Let's make sure they know that people across the globe support their courageous stand against the fossil fuel industry.

Sign the petition: The Pacific Climate Warriors are not acting alone. Click here to sign the petition now.

Thanks for standing with the Pacific Climate Warriors.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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1. "'We are fighting for survival,' Pacific islands leader warns," The Guardian, September 1, 2013.

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