Good news for poultry workers


With your help, poultry workers facing dangerous production speeds won! You signed Carmen Sanabria’s petition asking the USDA not to increase production speed in poultry factories. Poultry work is already at breakneck speed and Carmen and over 40% of her co-workers suffer repetitive motion injuries. Because of your support, the USDA changed its proposed rule – and refused to increase line speed. Thank you again.

I am the executive director of the Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center, where Carmen was a leader. I’m writing to thank you for your help last year and to tell you about another issue you might be willing to help with.

Can you believe there is no federal regulation that requires employers to provide workers with paystubs? Without paystubs, workers won't know how their wages are calculated, and what deductions are taken. It is estimated that as many as 20 million low-wage workers do not receive paystubs, leaving them vulnerable to illegal deductions and unpaid wages.

Sign the petition: Tell the Department of Labor to
issue a rule requiring that all US employees must get a paystub every time the y are paid.

Every day, workers that don't get paystubs come to the Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center for help. They know their wages are being stolen, but without paystubs they can't prove it. One rule from the Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, and it would be a federal violation not to give employees paystubs.

You signed the USDA petition and a federal agency made a change that helped low-wage workers. We can do that again.

Tell the Department of Labor: Require employers to issue paystubs each time they pay their workers.

Rey Hernandez, Executive Director
Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center

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