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Email your congressperson: Stop wasteful Pentagon spending by cosponsoring the Audit the Pentagon Act.

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Dear 5849376,

Even as Republicans have proposed unprecedented cuts to Social Security and Medicare, the Pentagon's bloated budget has remained nearly untouched. And shockingly, every year the Pentagon spends billions of dollars it does not even have to account for.1 Other federal agencies are required by law to account for how they spend taxpayer money, but the Pentagon ignores these rules and spends over $2 billion per day without real oversight.2

Thankfully, progressive champion Rep. Barbara Lee has written a bill to hold the Pentagon to the same basic transparency procedures and accounting standards as other federal programs. The Pentagon's spending deserves the same careful scrutiny as other government programs. And if Congresswoman Lee's Audit the Pentagon Act passes, Pentagon officials will face real consequences if they can't account for their spending for the first time.

Tell Rep. Latham to hold the Pentagon accountable: Cosponsor the Audit the Pentagon Act. Click here to send him a letter.

It is outrageous for the Pentagon to evade the same standards we apply to other programs. This double standard contributes to the Pentagon's out-of-control budget and culture of waste -- the Pentagon lost track of billions of dollars in Iraq just last year.3

Meanwhile, even as the Pentagon fails to explain how it spends its enormous budget, Republicans are slashing funding for essential programs to make way for more military spending, cutting food stamps and unemployment insurance to pay for unjust wars. The Pentagon and members of Congress need to hear that military spending can't be held to a double standard any more.

The Pentagon isn't used to facing real accountability. But thanks to support from a few Republicans, the Audit the Pentagon Act has a rare chance of getting a full hearing -- if we can demonstrate our strong grassroots support.

Tell Rep. Latham to stop wasteful Pentagon spending: Cosponsor the Audit the Pentagon Act. Click the link below to send him a letter.

Thank you for standing up against out-of-control Pentagon spending.

Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action

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  3. "SIGIR Says `At Least' $8 Billion Lost in Iraq", Neil Gordon, Project on Government Oversight, 3-8-13

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