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If you don't think congress can get any worse, think again.

The New York Times just laid out exactly "Why Senate Control Matters"1 and where we stand to lose if Republicans gain six seats for the Senate majority.

Read the list below and chip in $5 now to stop Republicans before it's too late.

Judges and the supreme court

Republicans would block President Obama's nominees to fill judicial vacancies, including on the Supreme Court, where four justices are over the age of 76 -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 81. A loss here would be felt for decades.

The Affordable care act

Gutting and repealing Obamacare is at the top of the to-do list once Republicans control the Senate, too.

Keystone XL

Mitch McConnell is already bragging about stripping the president's authority and forcing approval of Keystone XL, catastrophically increasing tar sands extraction.

Brutal cuts

A majority in the Senate could finally give extremist Republicans the leverage to force President Obama to agree to painful cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

More GOP Shutdowns

If President Obama tries to stop any of these attacks, Mitch McConnell has promised to leverage must-pass budget bills and shutdowns to hold the government hostage.

If we lose the Senate, it will be too late. But we can stop Republicans and their extreme agenda NOW by defeating them in November.

More GOP Shutdowns

Building a powerful grassroots voter contact operation is our best hope.

If 356 more people step up before the deadline on the 30th, we can reach our $100,000 match goal. Chip in now to Save the Senate. Your contribution will be doubled.

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Becky Bond, President

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"Why Senate Control Matters," The New York Times, September 23, 2104

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