Not the Senate, too.


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Republican extremists have gone absolutely rabid.

If the frothing Tea Party Republicans who voted last week to sue the president for the first time in history gain control of the Senate too, you know what's next: brutal attacks on women, seniors, working families, our health, and an almost certain impeachment of President Obama.

Their agenda is pure napalm. But unbelievably they are poised to advance it.

The New York Times just put at 60% the chance that Tea Party Republican extremists will gain control of the Senate.1 The FiveThirtyEight blog says Election Day could see a "GOP romp."2

CREDO SuperPAC is the only major progressive organization that is building independent, local, on-the-ground voter mobilization campaigns with volunteer offices in the five pivotal states of Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky and Georgia.

We're deploying a field plan that can be the difference in each of these races. (Please see below for a detailed campaign update memo below.)

This effort is absolutely crucial. But deploying the plan below simply will not be possible without significantly more support from CREDO activists -- that means you 5849376.

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Becky Bond, President

## CREDO SuperPAC campaign update memo, 8/1/14 ##

Saving the Senate from a takeover by Tea Party Republican extremists is the #1 priority this November. CREDO SuperPAC is the only major progressive organization opening independent campaign field offices to do volunteer, person-to-person voter mobilization in the five key states of Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky and Georgia.


  • Current Senate makeup: 45 Republicans, 55 Democrats (53 Democrats and 2 Independents who caucus with them.)
  • Net seats Republicans need to gain for Senate majority control: 6
  • Possible Republican gain: 3 - 11 seats. 9 races currently rated toss-ups.
  • Planned spending by Koch brothers funded groups to buy Senate control: $300 million.


  • In-person, volunteer-to-voter contact is proven to be the most cost-effective way to get people to the polls - as much as 13 times more effective than TV ads.
  • This advantage will be magnified in current landscape of: 1) multiple, extremely close races 2) Unprecedented advertising war led by Koch-funded groups.


  • Individual grassroots donors: 77,000 (the most for any SuperPAC in the U.S.!)
  • Average gift to CREDO SuperPAC in 2014: $20.70
  • Budget gap: $1.1 million still needed to fully execute our plan. (The earlier we can invest this money into building the campaign the bigger the campaign will be on election day.)


  • Staff hired and trained: 5 state directors, 25 field organizers, 1 national campaign manager.
  • Field offices open: Denver, CO, Durham, NC and Louisville, KY. Opening soon in Atlanta, GA and Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Activities: Visibility events, volunteer recruitment, canvassing, phone banking all underway.


Kentucky - Mitch McConnell: The most notorious obstructionist will become Senate Majority leader if Republicans win and he is re-elected. Latest poll: Leading 47% to 45%.

Colorado - Cory Gardner: Tea Partier who was an original co-sponsor of the effort to redefine rape is trying to hide his extreme record. Latest poll: Trailing 44% to 45.5%.

Georgia - David Perdue: A millionaire corporate boss who is in lock step with the Tea Party attacks on women, seniors and working families. Latest poll: Leading 45% to 42%.

Michigan - Terri Lynn Land: The Koch-backed former Secretary of State purged voters in violation of federal law and supports the war on women. Latest poll: Trailing 39.2% to 43.8%.

North Carolina - Thom Tillis: The leader of the Tea Party extremists takeover of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Latest poll: Trailing 44% to 45.8%.


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1. David Leonhardt, "Republicans' Senate Chances Rise Slightly to 60 Percent." The New York Times, 7/27/2014.
2. Harry Enten, "Democrats Are in a Perilous Position in 2014 Senate Races." Politico, 7/15/2014.

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