Help us reach 200,000 signers to save the Monarch

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing my petition urging the EPA to reject Dow Chemical's new toxic Monarch-killing herbicide.

Folks all across North America have already begun to see the beautiful Monarch butterfly begins its migration to the south -- but due to the incredible overuse of toxic milkweed-killing herbicides sprayed on genetically-modified corn and soy, this migration may end up just a distant memory.  

The EPA is expected to rule soon on Dow Chemical's new herbicide cocktail, which if approved, could exacerbate the widespread collapse of the Monarch even further.

Will you share my this image with your friends on Facebook and ask them to join the nearly 200,000 concerned citizens who have signed my petition to save the Monarch?

Already the number of Monarch butterflies making it to their traditional migration destination in Mexico has plummeted. But we can do something to slow, or even reverse, this tragic outcome for one of our planet's most beautiful and essential insects.

Please share this image with your friends and family and urge them to sign my petition, too.

Thank you for all your help in our effort to save the Monarch butterfly.


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