Biggest climate march in history.

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Be part of the People's Climate March, Sunday, September 21 in NYC.

As President Obama and world leaders come together for the UN climate summit, we have an opportunity for a powerful moment to push for climate action.

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Dear 5849376,

New York City, September 21

The first Earth Day. A million people at the 1982 No Nukes rally in Central Park. The March on Washington in 1968.

There are a few moments in the history of our movement where the simple act of many people being in one place served as a powerful catalyst for change.

The People's Climate March on September 21 in New York City is shaping up to be the biggest climate march in history. If enough of us come together, it can be one of those moments.

President Obama will be meeting then with world leaders at the UN climate Summit.

We need to show international leaders that Americans are demanding global climate action. And we need to show our president that we are demanding far, far more than he has delivered so far.

If you can be there, we need you at the People's Climate March. Can you be part of it? Please RVSP now.

Of course, not everyone can go to New York City for this climate march - important as it may be. (If you can't, check out the list of satellite events.)

But the crowd is expected to be Really Big. More than 500 national and community groups are participating. And people are organizing buses from all over. There is even a group from California taking the three-day Amtrak ride together!

This march isn't just for so-called "environmentalists." There will be large contingents marching together representing all kinds of communities, because this issue effects each and every one of us. Once you RSVP, you can join any of the growing list of groups, interests and communities marching together, including Beekeepers, People of Color, Youth, Fracking, Queers for the Climate, Families, Parents and Teachers, Food Justice, The Deep South, Immigrant Communities, and many, many others. (Full list on the "Get Involved" page.)

RSVP for the People's Climate March now.

This is one of those moments.

We know our reliance on fossil fuels is a catastrophe unfolding faster and faster before our eyes.

We know the costs of inaction are too great to bear.

We know the solutions we need.

Our leaders just aren't putting them in place. To change everything, we need everyone.

If you can be in New York on September 21, we need you there. Every single voice matters, and with enough of them, we can make change happen.

See you in New York,

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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