What's it like to be a combat drone pilot?


Thank you so much for signing my petition to demand transparency from President Obama on U.S. drone strikes -- so far we have over 26,000 signatures! The secrecy veiling the U.S. drone program raises a lot of questions and the American public has the right to know whom our government is targeting.

This issue is particularly important to me as I spent the last two years working on DRONES, a narrative feature film that explores the U.S. drone program from the perspective of two Nevada-based drone pilots. I made this film to connect concerned citizens with the realities of how the U.S. military is using combat drones and how this controversial technology is changing the face of war.

On Wednesday, July 30th, we’re hosting a free online screening of DRONES. Following the screening, I will be participating in a Q&A with drone experts, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about this world-changing subject.

Please join me for this special event. You can watch the trailer, learn more about the screening and RSVP at: demandprogress.tv/drones

Thank you again for signing the petition and I hope you will be able to watch with me on July 30th.

In solidarity,

Rick Rosenthal

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