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Dear 5849376,

Last week, the cable television business channel CNBC was caught seeking out an economist, and known climate change denier, to write an article about the "global warming hoax."

Cindy Perman, the commentary editor of, mistakenly sent an email to DeSmogBlog inviting climate change denier Alan Carlin to write an article about the "global warming hoax" on CNBC's website.

CNBC should be reporting the news, not making the news. By soliciting an article specifically to deny the science behind climate change the network clearly crossed a line. We have to hold CNBC accountable for actively misleading its viewers. That's why I started my own campaign on, which allows activists to start their own petitions. My petition, which is to CNBC Managing Editor Allen Wastler, says the following:

Issue an on-air apology on CNBC apologizing to your viewers for soliciting a "global warming is a hoax" op-ed and for your network's repeated attempts to mislead the public about climate change.

Tell CNBC Managing Editor Allen Wastler: Apologize to your viewers for soliciting a "global warming is a hoax" op-ed.

For years now, scientists at major institutions have proven that climate change is happening and that fossil fuel emissions from our factories, cars and electricity generation are to blame. And we are already seeing the impacts in the form of more wildfires, droughts and other extreme weather-related events.

When it comes to issues of science, media outlets such as CNBC have a responsibility to report their stories based on what scientists have concluded and not seek out commentary from non-scientists just for the sake of providing a counterpoint no matter how clearly false.

This isn't CNBC's first offense. Last year, a Media Matters for America report found that, "more than half of CNBC's climate change coverage was misleading. Twenty-four out of the 47 substantial mentions or segments on climate change on CNBC, or just over 51 percent of coverage, cast doubt on whether manmade climate change existed."

A year later and it looks like nothing has changed at CNBC, as it is actively seeking out non-scientists to make the false claim that global warming is a hoax. This isn't reporting the news. This is creating the news. Climate change denial isn't only patently false, it's dangerous and a clear betrayal of the public trust.

Will you join me and add your name to my petition urging CNBC Managing Editor Allen Wastler to apologize for his network's misleading coverage of climate change?

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Grandia

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