Signature needed: Bring all U.S. troops home from Afghanistan now

The email below is from Matthew Hoh, a CREDO activist in Washington, D.C. Matthew started a petition on CREDO Mobilize, where activists can launch their own campaigns for progressive change. Will you help Matthew pressure President Obama to end America's longest war and bring all our troops home from Afghanistan now by signing his petition and sharing it with your friends and family?

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Sign the petition: Bring all American troops home from Afghanistan now.

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Dear 5849376,

Almost five years ago, I resigned from the State Department over America's failing war in Afghanistan. As a veteran of the Iraq War, I fail to see either the value or the worth in continuing to risk America's blood and treasure in Afghanistan on our longest war.

Now, after President Obama announced recently that nearly 10,000 troops will remain in Afghanistan next year and many won't be home until 2017, I am left with the exact same feeling.

It's long past time to say enough is enough. It's time to bring all our troops home, now. That's why I started my own campaign on, which allows activists to start their own petitions. My petition, which is to President Obama, says the following:

It's long past time to end America's longest war and bring all our troops home now from Afghanistan.

Tell President Obama: End America's longest war and bring the troops home now.

By continuing the war in Afghanistan for more than two more years, President Obama's plans ignore the simple truth that there is no military solution to the challenges that remain in Afghanistan. There is nothing that 10,000 troops will do in two years that 100,000 could not do in the past 13.

And while we are particularly concerned about the fate of women and girls in Afghanistan, there is no indication that a continued U.S. occupation would make a positive outcome for women possible.

The U.S. war in Afghanistan, now in its 13th year, has cost our nation dearly. More than 2,300 Americans – over 1,600 alone since I resigned in 2009 – and tens of thousands of Afghans have lost their lives. Many, many more have been wounded and will bear the scars of battle for decades to come. Like the Iraq War, Afghanistan has been financed on our nation's credit card, adding nearly $800 billion to our debt, with billions more to come. And yet the war is not yet over.

The U.S. intervened in Afghanistan after the attacks on September 11. Al Qaeda's leadership was driven from Afghanistan more than a decade ago, and Osama bin Laden has been dead for more than three years. Yet the war drags on. Our men and women in uniform have done everything asked of them, and now they deserve to come home. As President Obama has said himself, a lasting solution to nearly four decades of conflict in Afghanistan will depend on Afghans and their neighbors reaching political settlement, not U.S. military personnel.

Together, we can stand up and say that two more years of war is two years too many.

Will you join me and add your name to my petition urging President Obama to bring all American troops home from Afghanistan now?

Thank you for your support.

Matthew Hoh

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