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The email below is from Leda Huta, a CREDO activist in Washington, D.C., who is the executive director of the Endangered Species Coalition. Leda started a petition on CREDO Mobilize, where activists can launch their own campaigns for progressive change. Will you help Leda pressure Congress to oppose four bills that will weaken the Endangered Species Act by signing her petition and sharing it with your friends and family?

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Tell Congress: Don't weaken the Endangered Species Act

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Dear 5849376,

For the past 40 years, species like grizzly bears and whooping cranes that were once nearly gone have been brought back, thanks to the Endangered Species Act's lifesaving protections. But now this iconic law is facing a monumental threat.

Congressman Doc Hastings, chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, has introduced four bills to weaken the Endangered Species Act, which could be the beginning of the end for this vitally needed law.

The bills are expected to be voted on soon, so we have to speak out now before Congress votes on these disastrous bills. That's why I started my own campaign on, which allows activists to start their own petitions. My petition, which is to the United States Congress, says the following:

Congressman Doc Hastings, chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, has been after the Endangered Species Act for years. Now he has introduced four bills to weaken the Endangered Species Act, putting the hundreds of animals and plants who rely on it for protection in peril. Congress should reject each of these four bad bills.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to reject attempts to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

Congressman Hastings has made no secret of his distaste for the Endangered Species Act. He's held hearings, issued a report, and even created a completely partisan congressional "working group" -- consisting entirely of wildlife opponents -- to strategize about how to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

Since Americans are unequivocal about their support for the Endangered Species Act, Congressman Hastings knows that he can only destroy it if he goes after it piece by piece. These four bills put wildlife in danger of poachers, make a mockery of science, reduce citizens' abilities to enforce the Endangered Species Act, and place burdensome requirements on the Department of the Interior.

The Endangered Species Act has worked for more than four decades. Congress must do the right thing and reject these dangerous bills.

Will you join me and add your name urging Congress to reject Congressman Hastings' attacks on the Endangered Species Act?

Thank you for your support.

Leda Huta

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