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Thanks for taking action on our petition asking Justice Scalia to recuse himself from the Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone case.

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No way Scalia's impartial in buffer zone case. He should recuse himself now! via @CREDOMobile #Fem2 #ProChoice

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SUBJECT: Sign the petition to Justice Scalia

A case challenging the constitutionality of a buffer zone designed to protect abortion clinic workers and patients from harassment by anti-choice activists is being considered by the Supreme Court, and Justice Antonin Scalia has a supreme conflict of interest.

Justice Scalia's wife, Maureen, has a long history of working closely with crisis pregnancy centers -- as a "crisis counselor" and associate director of a center in Virginia, and as a board member of a national crisis pregnancy organization which tries to persuade women in "crisis pregnancies" to forego abortions.

There's no way Scalia can be impartial. Join me in telling him to recuse himself now. Here's the link to sign:


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