Sign the petition: Stop Ohio Republicans from stealing the election

The email below is from Sara Vredevoogd, a CREDO activist from Mogadore, Ohio. Sara started a petition on CREDO Mobilize, where activists can launch their own campaigns for progressive change. Will you help Sara pressure Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Ohio Republicans' attacks on voting rights by signing her petition and sharing it with your friends and family?

CREDO Mobilize
Sign the petition: Stop Ohio Republicans' voter suppression.

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Dear 5849376,

Over the past year, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Secretary of State Jon Husted, and Republicans in the Ohio legislature have repeatedly attacked Ohio citizens' right to vote. They have passed three bills that make it more difficult for working people and minorities to vote, and Secretary Husted has eliminated voting on the Sundays before elections -- when many minority voters have cast their votes in recent years.

Given the threats to Ohioans' voting rights, and the major role Ohio plays as a swing state in presidential elections, the Department of Justice needs to get involved and make sure Ohio voters' rights are not being infringed upon.

That's why I started my own campaign on, which allows activists to start their own petitions. My petition, which is to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, says the following:

Every Ohioan deserves the opportunity to vote. Launch an investigation into the latest Republican attacks on Ohio citizens' right to vote.

Sign the petition: Tell Attorney General Holder to protect Ohioans' right to vote.

We know that Attorney General Eric Holder cares about protecting the voting rights of American citizens because the Department of Justice was recently instrumental in ensuring access to bilingual ballots. Now we need Attorney General Holder to intervene again.

It is shameful that almost 50 years after the adoption of the Voting Rights Act, we still have to fight voter suppression efforts in Ohio. But Republican attacks on our right to vote aren't over: They're still trying to cut back early voting hours and restrict provisional ballots.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald has already requested that Attorney General Eric Holder intervene. By signing my petition you can bolster that request and make it more likely that Attorney General Holder steps in to stop Ohio Republicans from stealing the next election.

Will you join me and add your name to my petition urging Attorney General Holder to launch an investigation into the latest Republican attacks on Ohio citizens' right to vote?

Thank you for your support.

Sara Vredevoogd

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