We delivered your signatures to FERC

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing the petition "Stop Approving Oil & Gas Infrastructure".

On April 17th, the regularly scheduled Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) meeting was preceded by our petition delivery. There is no opportunity for public comment at FERC meetings, so just before the gavel banged to open the meeting we made ourselves known. 

We quieted the room full of agency and industry representatives and I was able to present a brief statement outlining our collective concerns regarding FERC's approval of nearly every oil and gas (fracking) infrastructure project that crosses their path and the demands for change outlined in our petition.  Asha Canalos of Minisink Matters and Ted Glick of Chesapeake Climate Action Network delivered your signatures while I spoke. 

Once Acting Chair LaFleur opened the meeting she thanked us for attending their meeting and delivering our message. It is our hope that 105,000 sets of new eyes on FERC will make them think twice about how their actions impact our fragile climate and to consider the rapidly expanding community of residents who live with infrastructure in their backyards and upstream from FERC approved "projects"

There is great power in acting together and delivering a strong message-- and I hope you'll consider creating your own petition to fight oil and gas infrastructure at the local level. 

You can start a petition on CREDO Mobilize like I did here:  http://www.credomobilize.com/petition/new?source=FERC

If you start a good petition to block oil and gas infrastructure and get some signatures by sharing it with your network, family and friends, CREDO will work to support your efforts to organize activists in your area. 

Thanks for your activism.  It matters. 

Jill Wiener


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