McCutcheon v. FEC

Dear 5849376,

Last Week, the United States Supreme Court dealt yet another staggering blow to our democracy by giving the green light for the wealthiest Americans to pour vast sums of money into electing their hand-picked candidates.

The is another step down the terrible path the Supreme Court set us on with its Citizens United decision.

Our friends at People For the American Way are fighting back by telling Congress to act without delay to amend the Constitution and get big money out of elections. Read their e-mail below and sign their petition.

- Becky


get money out

Last week's decision in McCutcheon v. FEC gives super-wealthy donors like the Koch brothers even greater ability sway elections and buy politicians!

Please take action now to help supercharge the movement to get big money OUT of elections!

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Last week, the right-wing majority on the Supreme Court handed down yet another decision that erodes American democracy by putting even more influence in our elections into the hands of the rich and powerful, increasing their already outsized influence.

It just became even more urgent that we amend the Constitution to undo the crippling damage of decisions like Citizens United and last week's McCutcheon v. FEC.

Add your name to our petition right now telling Congress to act without delay to amend the Constitution and get big money OUT of elections!

The consequences of the Roberts Court’s reckless disregard for We the People and our country’s fundamental democratic principles become more dire by the day.

The power in our democracy should reside with the voters -- but the voices of everyday Americans are being drowned out by deep-pocketed corporate interests and billionaire ideologues. Last week's decision in McCutcheon dismantled some of the few remaining campaign finance limits we had left and gives wealthy individuals like the Koch brothers greater ability to sway elections and essentially buy politicians.

Please take action -- and then, help spread the word.

Generations of Americans have amended the Constitution to right injustices. Now is our time.

Thank you,

Michael Keegan, President

P.S. If you can, please make a secure online contribution today so we can continue the fight to make sure the power in our democracy only resides where it belongs: with the voter.

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