Why we're THANKING McDonald's

Get this:

"Worker strikes and social media shaming 'can adversely affect us,' and 'increasing public focus' on 'income inequality' could spur higher wages, fast food giant McDonald's acknowledged..." – Salon.com

In other words: McDonald's is saying that THIS THING WE'RE DOING IS WORKING. It's never happened before. And it won't happen again. That's why we have to do every single thing we can to keep on pushing harder, stronger, louder. Right now, that means adding your name to our letter to McDonald's.


Dear McDonald's,

You never thought you'd hear this from us, but thank you – for acknowledging that workers and their pay are important parts of your business and that you know you'll need to pay your workers more.

Admitting it is the first step. It's time to take the next steps and just do it. Increase the wages. Truth is, a wage increase for all is inevitable. Our economy just can't sustain poverty wages. And, you probably know that we won't stop fighting for better pay in the fast food industry until we win.

McDonald's has a proud history of leading the fast food industry and is itself a global icon associated with America, and the American Dream. You have a chance to build on that legacy by increasing your workers' pay. You can transform the fast food industry and the American economy. It's a tremendous opportunity to lead. We hope you take it – soon.



I know a letter like this to McDonald's might sound crazy. But in that quote from Salon.com, you'll see that McDonald's is listening – and they know that our campaign is working. I think that's reason enough to sign it and share it right now.

One last thing: NONE OF THIS would have been possible without your support. Whether you're a fast food worker who has gone on strike or support those who have, or if you're an ally who takes action and speaks up, it's all making a difference. You freaking rock. Onward...


Devonte Yates

Low Pay is Not OK

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