Update: Stop approving oil and gas infrastructure

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing Stop approving oil and gas infrastructure, the petiton to FERC. 

We are going to the deliver our signatures in April so please help us increase our numbers. Almost 70,000 people have taken a stand, let's try for 100,000!

Here's how you can help: Share this petition with your friends and family.


Posting something on facebook or twitter will only take a second, but will mean that hundreds of people see the petition and can join our movement.

Why not also tell your friends why you decided to sign the petition and why it's important to you – people are more likely to offer their support if they understand why the people they are close to support it as well.


Real change happens when everyday people like you and I take a stand for what we believe in, so let's demand that FERC put down their rubber stamp and place a moratorium on new fracking and oil & gas infrastructure projects.

I am proud to stand with you on this issue.



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