Introducing The Baffler no. 24 - The Jig Is Up!

January 16, 2014
Dear Sorensen,

Cover art by David McLimans.
Let the games begin! At long last, we're shipping our new issue out from the printers. The Baffler no. 24: The Jig Is Up! is dedicated to all the ways in which play is now work, science is now dogma, and even science fiction is a billionaire's playground. From David Graeber and Barbara Ehrenreich on why animal play can't be rationalized away, Ian Bogost's adventures with Candy Crush Saga, and our own John Summers's tour of the people's republic of Zuckerstan (formerly Cambridge, MA), it's guaranteed to be fun, fun, fun.

While you're waiting for our latest issue to make it to your mailbox, might we suggest these temporary fixes?

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