We Did It!

Low Pay is Not OK


Yesterday was incredible.

At first, I was nervous to walk off of my job at McDonald's. But when I heard that workers and our supporters were striking and rallying in 250 cities to end fast food's poverty wages, those nerves turned to excitement – and determination.

The big fast food chains we work for know what this movement is capable of, and that's why they're saying the strikes weren't that big. McDonald's even said there weren't any strikers. Ha!

I know that's not true, and you know that's not true. Help us set the record straight by sharing this image on Facebook right now.

We did it!

Up until now, the fast food chains have tried to ignore us. Now that they're pushing back, it means this thing we're doing is working. Going on strikes, signing petitions, showing up to rallies, helping get our message out on Facebook or Twitter – it's all making a difference. And I can't even tell you how much it means to us workers.

Still though, as amazing as yesterday was, our fight for better pay and better treatment in the fast food industry won't be easy. No way. We have to keep the pressure on and keep being seen and heard.

Help out one more time this week by sharing our picture on Facebook.

We'll be in touch with what's next,

Nancy Salgado, Low Pay Is Not Ok

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