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Tell Congress: Don't sabotage diplomacy with Iran

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"President Obama has asked for, and deserves, the time and the political space necessary to negotiate a comprehensive, final deal with Iran. The interim deal now in place with Iran has frozen Iran's nuclear program in exchange for modest economic relief. With diplomacy just beginning to work, now's not the time to ratchet up sanctions or tie the president's hands, which will only sabotage our ability to negotiate with Iran and make war much more likely."

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Dear 5849376,

No war with Iran

The United States and our international partners recently reached a historic, interim deal with Iran to halt its nuclear program for the first time in years. This paves the way for negotiations on a comprehensive agreement that would prevent Iran from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon.

We should all be celebrating this moment as a triumph of diplomacy. But some members of Congress are reportedly preparing to push for a new sanctions bill, which would sabotage ongoing diplomacy and make war with Iran much more likely.

More sanctions now would violate the interim deal that the U.S. and our international partners signed with Iran, and could cause Iran to walk away from the table.

President Obama has asked Congress not to pass any such legislation at this time. He needs, and he deserves, the time and political space necessary to make diplomacy work.

Tell Congress: Don't sabotage diplomacy with Iran. Click here to sign the petition automatically.

Sanctions have already crippled the Iranian economy and led to widespread economic pain, like rampant unemployment and shortages of medicine and other humanitarian supplies.

The purpose of sanctions has never been to punish ordinary Iranians, but they are the ones who overwhelmingly feel the pain caused by sanctions.

Pushing forward on new sanctions not only means imposing a heavier burden on the Iranian populace, it means spoiling our chance to continue this process toward a diplomatic solution.

This delicate and potentially pivotal moment is no time for Congress to undermine the president and sabotage his ability to negotiate with Iran.

Tell Congress: Don't sabotage diplomacy with Iran. Click the link to sign the petition automatically.

Our ultimate goal should be to ease and eventually end sanctions in exchange for a verifiable, final agreement with Iran that prevents it from building a nuclear weapon.

The interim deal with Iran is only a first step and the ultimate fate of ongoing negotiations is far from certain. And while the interim deal with Iran eases some minor sanctions, the most crippling sanctions remain in place.

Pushing for even harsher sanctions at this time sends the wrong message to Iran and has the potential to fracture the international unity that makes a reasonable and peaceful resolution with Iran much more likely. Congress shouldn't take counterproductive actions that make the negotiations even harder than they need to be.

Take action today to make sure Congress doesn't set us on a path that makes war inevitable. Tell Congress: Don't sabotage diplomacy with Iran. Click the link below to sign automatically:

Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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