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5 things you can do to help the Philippines

Dear 5849376,

The "absolute bedlam"1 in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan is as heartbreaking as it is horrifying. And there are no easy answers for what we should do.

In his powerful address to the UN climate conference meeting through Friday in Warsaw, Poland, Philippines climate ambassador Yeb Saño put it best: "What my country is going through as a result of this extreme climate event is madness. The climate crisis is madness."2

It's taken decades to get us to this insane and maddening point. And there are no quick fixes. It will take decades of hard work to reverse direction on climate. So we need to use this moment to catalyze action for change - both on the structural and personal levels.

In the wake of this fossil-fueled storm of unprecedented ferocity, here are five things you can do right now:

1. The most immediate needs are with the people in the Philippines.
Yeb Saño, the climate negotiator for the Philippines whose hometown, Tacloban City, was among the worst hit, is on a hunger strike for the duration of the Warsaw climate talks. He is fasting until progress is in sight for a global agreement on climate change. You can join his symbolic stand and aid in relief efforts by donating $21.50, the amount the average American family spends on food each day, to the relief effort.

2. Sign the petition urging UN negotiators to come to an agreement on climate change.
We need a strong global agreement among world leaders to start phasing out fossil fuels and assist the most vulnerable nations to prepare for a changing climate. Our friends at are at the Warsaw climate talks and they will deliver your signatures next week.

3. Donate to CREDO SuperPAC's campaign to defeat John Boehner in 2014.
One of the largest barriers to a global agreement on climate has been lack of strong commitment to action by the U.S. The largest barrier to progress in our country is our fossil-fueled Congress. And the most destructive member of Congress is House Majority Leader John Boehner, who continues to allow irresponsible Tea Party extremists to run the show in Congress out of concern for keeping his own leadership position.

4. Donate to CREDO's climate activism including support for peaceful civil disobedience to force the U.S. to take meaningful action.
CREDO has long been a leader in the U.S. fight against climate change from helping to shut down dirty coal plants and working for strong EPA rules limiting carbon emissions from existing plants to organizing over 75,000 people to take the Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance and commit to peaceful civil disobedience to stop climate change to holding the line on the explosive growth of fracking in our communities.

5. If it's accessible to you, go solar or switch to a clean electricity provider.
Our personal actions do add up. If you own your own home and your electric bill is high enough, you really can go solar, possibly with no up-front cost. If you live in DC, Hawaii, Oregon, Pennsylvania or Texas click here to see if solar works for you. If you live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, New York or New Jersey click here to see if solar works for you. Or, even easier, if you live in DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, you can switch your energy provider right now to get 100% clean wind power.

Even if the Philippines communities and people were made whole - it still wouldn't protect the next place that will be upended by a devastating megastorm made more powerful by the oceans that are warming as a result of global use of fossil fuels. Last year it was Sandy, this year it was Haiyan. To say nothing of drought-fueled civil wars, as in Syria. Undoubtedly too soon, there will be another massive climate-caused crisis. And another one after that.

This is the new normal of our fossil-fueled economy. We need it to end. But it won't happen overnight, and none of us can make it happen on our own.

In the face of the devastation in the Philippines, and the mounting global threat of climate change, there is only one course of action that is clear: We must accelerate our efforts and escalate our tactics.

As is abundantly clear again this week, doing nothing is the choice that too many of our leaders are making. And their choice bears painful and tragic consequences for people all over the globe.

This is madness.

Thanks for taking action, however you can.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines destruction 'absolute bedlam'," BBC, 11/11/13
2. "It's time to stop this madness" – Philippines plea at UN climate talks RTCC, 11/13/13

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