Science wins in Texas

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Science wins in Texas

Dear 5849376,

Stand up for science.

An amazing and surprising victory out of Texas last week: After a months-long effort by right-wing ideologues to insert debunked pseudoscience in Texas textbooks and undermine the theory of evolution – considered one of the most reliably established facts in science, and a central tenet of biology – the Texas State Board of Education has voted to approve nearly all of the biology textbooks as they stand, without changes.1

This victory was only made possible by grassroots organizing and public outcry against the proposed changes. Over 163,300 CREDO members signed a petition to the textbook publishers, asking them to stand strong against coercion from the discredited "experts" who tried to undermine the textbooks during a recent panel review. And the publishers stood strong, resisting pressure to change the curriculum.2

Another 18,700 joined Kathy Miller on her CREDO Mobilize petition demanding the Texas State Board of Education only approve textbooks based on sound, peer-reviewed scholarship. If you're inspired by Kathy's activism, click here to start your own CREDO-style campaign today.

The last remaining textbook under consideration is still being debated after being called into question by an anti-evolution activist who served on the official state review team this summer. The Texas State Board of Education put a panel of three biology experts in charge of reviewing the textbook for "errors," which the publisher insists are, in fact, accurate representations of established, mainstream science. Our friends at Texas Freedom Network are confident that there will be no changes to the book before it is approved, and Pearson has even suggested it would withdrawal the book from consideration before including debunked pseudoscience.

This win sets an important precedent in Texas that will act as a warning to future members of the Texas State Board of Education who try and undermine science. As other opportunities come up to fight for fact-based education, we'll be sure to let you know how to get involved.

Thank you for standing up for science – your activism makes a difference.

Jordan Krueger, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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