John Boehner must go

Hold John Boehner accountable for the shutdown

Dear 5849376,

Shutdown Boehner

It's perhaps the most detestable story of the shutdown: John Boehner shut down the government simply to protect his job as Speaker of the House.

He could have avoided it altogether. But instead of leadership on behalf of all Americans, he chose a naked pander to the Tea Party Republicans whose support he needs to hold his leadership position – reneging on his agreement with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow a vote and keep everything running.

But a year from now, all the voters in Boehner's district – not just Tea Party Republicans – will have a choice: Should "Shutdown Boehner" get to keep his job in Congress?

Defeating John Boehner won't be easy. But if we give Shutdown Boehner a free pass, he will continue to betray the American public again and again from within the safety of the Republican House.

We can't let that happen. Chip in $5 to fund CREDO SuperPAC's campaign to shutdown "Shutdown Boehner's" career in Congress.

There's no doubt this is an uphill battle: Boehner's district – like many others in Congress – is drawn to artificially increase his Republican majority. But in the wake of the shutdown even a vast majority of Republicans disapprove of the Boehner-led Congress.

In 2012, most people thought it was impossible to defeat Michele Bachmann, but CREDO SuperPAC's grassroots campaign came within 4,000 votes of defeating her – and it showed the door to five of the Tea Party's worst, including Tea Party poster children Allen West and Joe Walsh.

In fact, we built our SuperPAC around the idea that Tea Party Republicans in the House shouldn't simply get a pass come election time. With thousands of volunteers, we knocked on than a hundred thousand doors, made more than a million phone calls to voters, and we swung these races with a passionate and unabashedly progressive grassroots field effort.

Defeating Boehner might be a tall order, but we can't sit by and do nothing after Shutdown Boehner threatened to tank the economy to protect himself, just because the numbers scare the Democratic establishment. And if we can make Shutdown Boehner have to spend the next year fearing for his re-election – and show that we are willing to go to the mat to show him the door – then we can send the message that no Republican is above accountability.

It remains to be seen if the damage done by the shutdown will be enough to cost Republicans their majority in Congress a year from now. And in the coming months, CREDO SuperPAC will be making more decisions about the most important place to put grassroots energy to take stands against congressional extremists.

What's perfectly clear, is that no one is more deserving of a serious accountability moment than Shutdown Boehner. And his shutdown represents our best opportunity to shut him out of Congress for good.

Chip in $5 to send the message to Shutdown Boehner: next year, we're going to do everything in our power to shut HIM down.

Thanks for helping to hold John Boehner accountable.

Becky Bond, President

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