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October 11, 2013
Dear Sorensen,

Illustration by Michael Duffy.
JACOB SILVERMAN on the "money-soaked
mélange" that is SXSW Interactive
SXSW is now dotted with celebrities, both on panels and at events about town. But tech moguls, and their gadgets, are the event's real stars . . . Asked by a Twitter user how he would improve education, [Elon] Musk responded, "Generally you want education to be as close to a video game as possible, like a good video game." READ MORE.

Illustration by Jakob Hinrichs. 
 QUINN SLOBODIAN and MICHELLE STERLING on how hipsters, expats, yummies, and smartphones ruined a city
Berlin has always hosted poverty better than any other European capital, but this time around, Berlin has embraced an economic model that makes poverty pay. The idea is to cash in on Berlin's cachet by branding it as a "Creative City" . . . The new, creative Berlin is also a privatized Berlin. READ MORE.

FARRAN NEHME on BUSTER KEATON'S enduring comic appeal

In a film era heavily dependent on eyes, Buster had the best: dark, wide-spaced, heavy-lidded . . . No "doughnut hole" (a rough translation of his French nickname) ever held such romance. READ MORE.

On October 10, Baffler founding editor Thomas Frank spoke at his alma mater, the University of Virginia, on the current state of the American university. The Virginia Quarterly Review was there to live tweet the results.
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