Thanks for protecting choice in Nebraska

Thanks for taking action on our petition: Anti-choice outrage in Nebraska.

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Anti-choice outrage in Nebraska. The judiciary can be better! via @CredoMobile

Thanks for all you do.

–The CREDO Action Team

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Subject: Join me in protecting choice in Nebraska

I just signed a petition demanding an investigation of an anti-choice judge in Nebraska who denied a minor her petition for an abortion.

Despite ample evidence that the girl -- a ward of the state because her parents had been abusive and neglectful -- was qualified to make an informed decision, the judge decided she was not mature enough to make her own choice.

When a minor's life can be put in the hands of an anti-choice activist, it's important that we push the judiciary to be better. Can you join me in asking for an investigation into the judge's conduct now?

Thanks for standing up for choice.


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