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Thank the publishers who refuse to put pseudoscience in Texas textbooks

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"Thank you for refusing to bow to the demands of anti-science activists to put discredited arguments attacking evolution in your new science textbooks for Texas schools. I hope you will continue to stand up for science as the Texas textbook-adoption process comes to a conclusion in the coming weeks."

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Dear 5849376,

Stand up for science.

We've got a big, important update on the battle unfolding in Texas to insert pseudoscience in textbooks: All 14 publishers are refusing to water down or compromise instruction on evolution and climate change in their proposed new biology books.1

This is an important step in the effort to keep the Texas State Board of Education's right-wing majority from enshrining discredited anti-evolution pseudoscience into textbooks.

These publishers deserve our thanks for standing up to pressure from right-wing politicians and activists.

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The final vote on this matter doesn't happen until mid-November, and the Texas State Board of Education can continue to pressure the publishers right up to the point that the board votes on the matter.

The last leverage the board has is the ability to mark textbooks as not having full curriculum coverage, which some publishers believe could put them at a competitive disadvantage in the textbook marketplace. But if all the publishers hold the line and refuse to add anti-evolution pseudoscience to their textbooks, it could lessen the impact of any retaliation efforts by the board.

That's why we need the publishers to know we have their backs.

Add your name to the thank-you note to these publishers. We'll deliver your note to their headquarters. Click the link below:

Thank you for standing up for science.

Jordan Krueger, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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1. Rebecca Klein, "Texas Textbook Publishers Say No To Creationism: Watchdog Report," Huffington Post, October 18, 2013.
2. "Publishers Resist Pressure to Undermine Evolution Coverage in Proposed Texas Science Textbooks," Texas Freedom Network.

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