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Thanks for asking President Obama to seize the opportunity to jumpstart diplomacy with Iran by meeting with Iranian President Rouhani.

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A rare opportunity to jumpstart diplomacy with Iran


The inauguration of Dr. Hassan Rouhani as the new president of Iran presents us with a potentially gamechanging opening for diplomatic engagement to avoid another unnecessary and costly war.

President Rouhani, who is no hardliner, campaigned on a pledge to "pursue a policy of reconciliation and peace" and said he will ensure "constructive
interaction with the outside world."

While hawks have scoffed at President Rouhani's diplomatic overtures, the recently averted American military intervention in Syria is a powerful and timely reminder that diplomacy works.

Next Tuesday both President Obama and President Rouhani will be in New York to give speeches at the United Nations General Assembly.

Join me in signing a petition that asks President Obama to seize this opportunity to meet with President Rouhani and jumpstart renewed diplomacy with Iran.

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