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Every week we're amazed by the activism and inspiring leadership of CREDO activists. That especially hits home when activists not only get engaged, but also lead campaigns that result in victories for progressive change in their communities. We want to share the story of Cherie Mortice, a CREDO activist who just won a campaign for clean water in Iowa.

Cherie used CREDOMobilize.com to launch a smart and effective campaign to demand the EPA negotiate a strong agreement with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to clean up Iowa's waterways – and she won. If you're inspired by Cherie's story below, click here to start your own CREDO-style campaign today.

For years, Iowa's waterways have been dangerously polluted, leading the state's water quality to be ranked 49th in the nation. In 2012, the federal EPA stepped in and released a work plan of steps the Iowa DNR would need to take to come into compliance with the Clean Water Act. But under the direction of Gov. Terry Branstad, the DNR refused to sign the plan.

Last month, after months of negotiations, the EPA appeared to be backing down. The agency came under fire for meeting with ag-industry insiders and DNR officials behind closed doors to negotiate if and how the Clean Water Act would be enforced.

Cherie Mortice, a CREDO activist and member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, decided to fight back. Cherie started a petition on CREDOMobilize.com, demanding the EPA stand with everyday Iowans, not big agriculture, and push for strong Clean Water Act enforcement in Iowa that requires mandatory inspections for factory farms and penalties for big polluters.

Over 1,700 CREDO activists in Iowa signed Cherie's petition and sent the EPA and the Iowa DNR a powerful message: enforcing the Clean Water Act is not negotiable.

Cherie's activism worked. In response to her campaign and the organizing efforts of groups like Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the EPA and the Iowa DNR signed a far-reaching Clean Water Act work plan agreement on Wednesday that will significantly change the way the state of Iowa enforces, inspects, and permits factory farms.1

Cherie's campaign shows the power of grassroots organizing. When progressive activists step up and fight for change on the issues they care about, they can make decision-makers listen.

Are you ready to lead a campaign in your community? Click here to start your own CREDO-style campaign for progressive change today.

Thanks for fighting for progressive change.

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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1. "EPA, state reach agreement on oversight of confinement operations, " Des Moines Register, 9/11/13

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