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Help Elizabeth Warren restore sanity to the banking system

Dear Friend,

For over half a century, the Glass-Steagall Act protected our banking system by keeping traditional commercial banks (where we have our checking accounts, saving accounts and the like) separate from high-risk investment banks.

The government agreed to insure the deposits we make in commercial banks through the FDIC, with the understanding that these same banks couldn't legally use these deposits as stakes in the Wall Street casino.

But the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 shattered the firewall between commercial and investment banks, jeopardizing insured funds and paving the way for the irresponsibly risky behavior that caused the financial crisis.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and a bipartisan group of senators are seeking to restore some sanity to our banking system by re-establishing a modern version of Glass Steagall.

Tell Congress to pass Sen. Warren's 21st Century Glass Steagall Act.


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