URGENT: Tell Sen. Grassley: President Obama's nominees deserve a vote

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URGENT: Tell Sen. Grassley: Don't filibuster Richard Cordray

On Tuesday, a number of President Obama's executive branch nominees are scheduled to receive a vote in the Senate, including Elizabeth Warren's protégé Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Can you call Sen. Grassley and tell him not to filibuster the nomination of Richard Cordray?

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Dear 5849376,

Richard Cordray, Senator Elizabeth Warren's protégé who has temporarily been serving as the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has been nominated by President Obama to lead the bureau for a full term. And a vote is expected on his nomination on Tuesday.

But from the outset, Senate Republicans have vowed to filibuster anyone nominated to lead the CFPB unless the Democrats agree to gut the agency's ability to help everyday Americans.

We need to put Senate Republicans on notice that their constituents are paying attention and will hold them accountable if they shamelessly vote to block President Obama's clearly qualified nominees such as Cordray from getting a vote.

Tell Sen. Grassley: Don't filibuster Richard Cordray. Click here for a sample script and the number to call.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was the person who first conceived of and articulated the need for a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She was instrumental in building the pressure needed to pass it into law, and then she helped get it off the ground.

So it's no small thing that Warren has always been extremely supportive of Cordray running the CFPB.

For example, when President Obama first nominated Richard Cordray in 2011 to run the bureau, Elizabeth Warren said:

"Rich has always had my strong support because he is tough and he is smart -- and that's exactly the combination this new agency needs. He was one of the first senior leaders I recruited for the agency, and his work and commitment have made it clear that he will make a stellar director."

And Cordray's performance since President Obama gave him a recess appointment over a year ago has only borne out Senator Warren's high opinion on him.

But then as now, the Republicans opposed his nomination – not because they questioned Cordray's ability to do the job but because they opposed the mission of the agency itself.

Without a director, the CFPB will be unable to fully fulfill its mission to protect consumers. Similarly, Republicans are blocking the nomination of members of the National Labor Relations Board because they don't want to see the NLRB function to protect American workers. And Republicans have vowed to filibuster Gina McCarthy to head the EPA in order to hamstring that agency as well.

President Obama should be able to hire the clearly qualified people he thinks are right for the job without brazenly political interference from Republicans who don't seem to believe in democracy.

So we need to make sure Republican senators hear from their constituents on this.

Tell Sen. Grassley: Don't filibuster Richard Cordray or other qualified executive branch nominees. Click the link below for a sample script and the number to call.


Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
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Click below for a sample script and the number to call:

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