Speak out against Walmart’s latest attacks on workers

The email below is from Lisa Lopez, who walked off her job at Walmart in Orlando, Florida. She is standing up for herself, her co-workers and Walmart associates across the country by fighting for a fair wage, access to full-time hours, and the ability to speak up for their rights. She started a petition on org.credoaction.com, where activists can launch their own campaigns for progressive change. We urge you to support Lisa and her fellow Walmart workers by signing her petition. This fight and others like it are an important part of the fight for economic justice, and CREDO is proud to stand in solidarity with workers who are organizing for a living wage and the dignity in their workplace they deserve.

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Aida Alvarez: Speak out against Walmart's attacks on workers

Dear 5849376,

I started my own campaign on CREDO's new site that allows activists to start their own petitions.

My petition, which is to Walmart Board of Directors member Aida Alvarez, asks the following:

We call on you to end management's illegal terminations and disciplinary actions against workers who simply want to support their families and be treated with respect.

Your silence is hurting our communities. We call on you to use your position in the company to immediately reinstate all Walmart workers who were fired for simply exercising their rights.

In early June, more than 100 Walmart workers like me went out on a legally protected strike – the longest the company had ever seen. We were protesting Walmart's attempts to silence us for speaking out for better wages and decent jobs. Apparently we got Walmart's attention.

Since last Friday, Walmart has responded predictably by illegally firing or disciplining dozens of my coworkers.

But we're not going away that easily. Instead, we're coming together to ask key members of the Walmart Board of Directors, like Aida Alvarez, to use their power to reinstate those of us who have been wrongfully fired and disciplined.

Alvarez is a member of the audit committee at Walmart, charged with overseeing legal compliance at the company. She is also a leader in the Latino community who often speaks about the importance of economic empowerment for working people. Her role on the Walmart board gives her an opportunity to make a real difference.

We need to send her a strong message before even one more worker like me is punished simply for trying to make a better future for our families and communities.

Click here to learn more and add your name to my petition to Walmart Board of Directors member Alvarez, to demand she ensure wrongfully fired and disciplined Walmart worers are reinstated.

Thank you for your support.

Lisa Lopez

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This petition was created on org.credoaction.com, a new people-powered platform that allows activists to start and run CREDO-style campaigns.

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