Bees are dying, Congress can save them

The email below is from Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), who is one of the leading environmental champions in Congress. This week, Rep. Blumenauer introduced legislation that would restrict the use of bee-killing pesticides. He started a petition on, where activists can launch their own campaigns for progressive change. We strongly urge you to sign Representative Blumenauer's petition telling Congress to stop the bee-killing pesticides.

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Tell Congress: Stop the bee-killing pesticides.
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Dear 5849376,

Bee populations are in serious jeopardy. That's why Congressman John Conyers and I just introduced the Save America's Pollinators Act, which would suspend the use of bee killing pesticides. With the help of CREDO's new petition site, I'm gathering support to alert my colleagues in the United States Congress to this important cause. My petition says the following:

Last month, 50,000 bumble bees died after trees in Wilsonville, Oregon were sprayed with dinotefuran, the neonicotinoid ingredient in Safari pesticide. This was the largest bee die-off ever recorded. With bee populations declining across the around the country at an alarming rate, I urge you to support the "Save America's Pollinators Act" to restrict the use of these chemicals until we can be sure that they are safe and being used properly.

From flowers to chocolate, berries to tequila, pollinators are integral to the planet, economy, and many aspects of our lives. In fact, the USDA estimates that about one in every three bites of food is either directly or indirectly made possible by bee pollination. Both our environment and food supply are inextricably tied to the welfare of bees, making the decrease in bee populations a cause for great alarm.

The death of 50,000 bees – roughly 300 hives – after the neonicotinoid dinotefuran was applied in Wilsonville, Oregon last month is a wake-up call.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is investigating the die-off and is temporarily restricting the use of 18 pesticide products containing dinotefuran, and the Environmental Protection Agency is currently reviewing the use of these chemicals. However, that review is not scheduled to be completed for another five years. Meanwhile, Europe has already moved forward with restrictions on the use of neonicotinoids.

We must act now. This week I introduced H.R. 2692, the Save America's Pollinators Act, with my friend Congressman John Conyers to suspend certain uses of neonicotinoids until the Environmental Protection Agency reviews these chemicals and makes a new determination about their proper application and safe use. This will increase pressure on the EPA to speed its review before another mass bee die-off occurs.

Raising public awareness of the integral role of pollinators to the world, the precarious state of their population, and what we can do to protect them is of the utmost importance. I hope you'll join me as a citizen co-sponsor of this important legislation.

Will you join me and add your name to my petition to the United States Congress, to demand that it stops the pesticides that are killing bees?

Thank you for your support.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer

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