Tell the Senate: Stop obstructing a vote on EPA nominee Gina McCarthy

Dear 5849376,

The next administrator of the EPA will play a critical role in shaping U.S. environmental policy, including the decision on Keystone XL and whether the administration enacts strong rules against carbon pollution.

President Obama's nominee, Gina McCarthy, has a strong record of fighting for environmental protection at the EPA. But Republicans are actively obstructing her confirmation.

Please read the message below from our friends at Environmental Action and take action to demand an up-or-down vote on Gina McCarthy's nomination. Will you sign their petition below?

Thank you for your activism.

- Zack Malitz, CREDO Action


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Dear Friend,

This stack represents Republican inactionWay back in March, President Obama nominated Gina McCarthy to be his EPA Director. We happen to think she's the right woman for the job. And what's more, we urgently need a champion like McCarthy in place to make critical decisions that will protect the planet—like regulating global warming pollution from power plants and standing up to the State Department on Keystone XL.

So, why hasn't she been confirmed? Because of Senate obstructionism. Republican Senators led by David Vitter of Louisiana are holding up McCarthy's nomination until she answers over a thousand questions, even though they admit she is fully qualified for the position. Click here to demand an up or down vote on Gina McCarthy's nomination.

And what are these thousand questions about? The bulk of them focus on a 1997 study that air pollution contributes to the death of thousands of Americans every year. That's right, these Republicans are denying us someone to fill the most critical cabinet position for the planet because they want to show that air pollution doesn't kill so many people after all. Republicans claim that they're not the only ones asking questions, but as you can see from the right, it's clear they're not interested in answers - they're stalling**.

Well, I've had it. They can't keep denying science, nor should they deny Gina McCarthy a vote on her confirmation. Click here to tell them to stop this charade of 1,000 questions and confirm McCarthy immediately.

We think there are more important questions for the Senate to consider, so when you sign the petition supporting McCarthy, you can also ask your own question for the Republican Senators holding up her nomination. Questions like "Why won't you accept the overwhelming science on climate change?" "Why are you supporting polluters instead of the planet?" You can probably think a lot of questions you'd like to ask these Senators. But whether or not the EPA deserves a strong, climate warrior in charge isn't one of them. Sign here to tell these Senators to stop filibustering and start acting to protect the planet- beginning with confirming McCarthy.

Jesse Bacon, Field Organizer
Environmental Action

* Gina McCarthy's EPA Confirmation Delay Raises Questions About U.S. Carbon Rules, Valerie Volcovici, Huffington Post, June 14, 2013

**Battle over EPA nominee continues with tweets, photos and conflicting claims, Bruce Alpert, New Orleans Times-Picayune, June 12, 2013


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