Tell Energy Secretary Moniz: Don't encourage expanded fracking

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Tell Energy Secretary Moniz: Don't encourage expanded fracking.

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Fracked gas isn't clean energy. Please oppose projects to export fracked gas abroad, which will increase fracking pollution here in America, and keep the world hooked on the fossil fuels which are dumping carbon pollution into our atmosphere, speeding climate change.

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Dear 5849376,

In his climate speech on Tuesday, President Obama took some big steps forward against climate change, but at the same time pushed a dangerous and counterproductive endorsement of expanding natural gas development and fracking. Obama's plan gives implicit support for exporting natural gas, stating that his administration will "encourage the development of a global market for gas."1

If the Obama administration green-lights fracked gas exports, it will encourage more fracking in the United States, endangering our precious water, putting the health of countless Americans at risk and accelerating climate change.

As the Secretary at the Department of Energy, Ernest Moniz is responsible for deciding whether to grant permits allowing the fracking industry to export huge quantities of natural gas overseas.

Shortly after being sworn in, he promised to take more time to study the issue before granting any more permits to export gas. That's a positive development that shows we have momentum in this fight.2 Now we need to build on that momentum by urging him to reject natural gas exports altogether.

Tell Energy Secretary Moniz: Say no to fracking exports and expanded fracking. Click here to sign.

The Energy Department approved its first natural gas export permit in two years just before Moniz was sworn in.3 4 But Moniz's promise to hold off on approving permits until he's undertaken further study is a genuinely encouraging step, and it proves that Moniz has a lot of leverage in the administration to push back against natural gas exports. He should.

Far from being a climate solution, expanded fracking would be a disaster for the climate. Fracking releases huge amounts of methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas. Fracking is a highly toxic process that contaminates water and releases poisonous air pollution, putting nearby communities at risk. Furthermore, as recent climate disasters like Superstorm Sandy demonstrate, it's dangerous to consider any policy that would dramatically expand fossil fuel extraction in the United States.

Moniz has expressed support for fracked gas in the past, but, now that he's a highly visible public official, he's likely more susceptible to pressure from activists. We need to make it clear that Americans across the country are watching him closely, and expect him to put our health and safety ahead of the financial interests of the fracking industry.

Tell Energy Secretary Moniz: Say no to fracking exports and expanded fracking. Click here to sign.

Thanks for fighting fracking.

Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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1. Jenny Mandel, "Obama's climate plan silent on exports but pledges support for global gas markets," EnergyWire, June 27, 2013
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3. Matthew Daley, "Energy Dept. backs Texas LNG export plan," Associated Press, May 17, 2013
4. Steve Hargreaves, "U.S. steps up natural gas exports," CNNMoney, June 4, 2013

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