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June 20, 2013
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To Galt's Gulch They Go


Over the last few years, however, certain reaches of the political Right have developed an outright cult of the capital strike. We can see it, for example, in the resurgent popularity of Atlas Shrugged and its reversal of the strike-novel tropes of the thirties....Every news item, to these apostles of the capital strike, vibrates with the universal political chorus: Do what business wants! Do what business wants! Do what business wants! Or else! READ MORE.

Camera Shy, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

SZ: A seduction to be successful has to imply a moment of impotence and failure, in the sense that you playfully acknowledge your limitations. Seduction never works with perfection. People are totally wrong when they think that you should present yourself as perfect, blah blah blah blah. READ MORE.

The internet's claim for being the forum for thousands of mini think tanks, each cooler and more really you than the next, has enormous appeal for the unhappy high-school girl in all of us. After all, the search for a perfect designer group of friends or a like-thinking "discussion group" is a big part of what propels us from one school to the next, one bar to the next, one job to the next and one city to the next. But the internet's endless web of simultaneous discussions ensures that you will never, even momentarily, reach your destination and the inanity of discussions that you do find will keep you searching. 
Naomi Klein, "Just Desserts," The Baffler issue 7, 1995 
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Praise for Cotton Tenants
"What readers are about to discover now is what all the fighting was about," says the
New York Times. Meanwhile, The American Prospect notes that "Agee's journalism for hire is usually diminished as a footnote...But Cotton Tenants shows he could be plenty expressive on assignment, and this book belongs among his highest achievements." According to The Los Angeles Review of Books, "How satisfying it is to read pre-video writing." And in Bookforum, John Jeremiah Sullivan writes, "Magazines do like to have advertisers. Which only makes what The Baffler and Melville House have done more powerful."
In Cotton Tenants, "you have a political document that speaks to the current moment in obvious and important ways," editor in chief John Summers recently told The Atlantic. "A lot of it is about debt. A lot of it is about what [The Baffler contributing editor David Graeber] calls the 'apparatus of hopelessness'...The social patterns are all different, but we're seeing the same apparatus today with the banks. The miserable debt psychology is recognizable in this book."
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