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Marriage equality in America

Today we celebrate love and equality. The Supreme Court struck down the crushingly unjust "Defense of Marriage Act," which barred same-sex married couples from recognition by the federal government along with the rights and benefits (like Social Security) that comes with that recognition.

And for gays and lesbians in California, the justices ruled that a lower court's ruling stands, ending enforcement of Proposition 8 and allowing all couples the freedom to marry under state law.

Join us in this exciting moment in celebrating today's historic victory for equality. Share the image above with your friends and family on Facebook:

Thanks to supporters like you, we helped win marriage equality in 13 states and the District of Columbia, and now federal benefits for same-sex couples. Today's decision is an incredible validation of the work we've done, and now is the time to celebrate before getting back to work to ensure everyone in every state has the freedom to marry.

Thanks for your activism, which has made a difference.

Jordan Krueger and the entire CREDO Action team
CREDO Action

1. "Gay Rights Supporters Erupt in Cheers Over Ruling," Associated Press, June 26, 2013


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