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2014 elections - CREDO SuperPAC: 1. Tea Party: 0

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Today, in a rambling 8 minute and 40 second video, Michele Bachmann announced that four terms in Congress was "long enough" for her.

That's right: The Tea Party's queen of crazy won't seek re-election this year. She's out. And CREDO SuperPAC activists played a big role in slamming the door shut.

This is a victory not just for reason and decency in the fight against Tea Party extremism, but also for the power of grassroots democracy.

Thanks in part to CREDO SuperPAC, Michele Bachmann won by only 4,296 votes in 2012. This year, with volunteers in her district preparing for a massive neighbor-to-neighbor campaign to drive her out of office -- powered by the early financial support of grassroots donors across the country -- she was in too weak a position to ride out ethics investigations and expect to sail easily to re-election.

Your support makes victories like this possible whenever opportunities arise. Whether it is going into Bachmann's race eighteen months before Election Day, or jumping in to defeat two NRA "A" rated candidates in Chicago's special primary election just three weeks before Election Day.

Can you help us be ready for the next big opportunity to defeat extremism? Chip in a $5 monthly recurring contribution to CREDO SuperPAC now.

If you need any reminder of why it is so important that Michele Bachmann will soon no longer be serving in our Congress, you can click here to watch her video in full. Or, you can ignore it, since soon enough, we'll be able to ignore Michele Bachmann, too.

Thanks for all you've done to fight extremism.

Becky Bond, President

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