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May 23, 2013
Dear Sorensen,

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Passions of the Meritocracy

Baffler 22 - Zero Dark Dirty, Duffy

"David Petraeus worked in an environment in which everyone was getting something for their involvement. . . .The cultural knowledge surrounding all these transactions was that the best warriors pursued women like they pursued the enemy. And yet a general somehow came to have a sexual affair with his much younger hagiographer, getting something and giving something and ending up with yet another person willing to gush about his brilliance to a credulous nation." READ MORE.

The United Sades of America


"Because of the centrality of his erotic novels to his legacy, later critics have often caricatured Sade as not only a pornographer, but as the arch-pornographer, representing either the worst or the best of the genre. But this is deeply misleading. Insofar as pornography is a commodity of mass-marketed and stylized representations of sexual practices, Sade is better seen as an anti-pornographer." READ MORE.

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Don't forget: "Fandom's like pot-smoking: a group of people sit in a room, intensely absorbed in a holy, marvelous object that displays nothing but repetition and a vaguely pleasant surface to the outsider." - Seth Sanders, "Everything That I Don't Need," The Baffler no. 3 (1992)

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