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Dear 5849376,

Yesterday, President Obama came to our backyard – well, he came to two of the most exclusive, hard-to-reach neighborhoods of San Francisco. Outside his fundraiser we greeted him with 1,000 people chanting, marching, and holding signs urging the President to reject Keystone XL.

I was also at one of the events and spoke in-person with the President. And as people were protesting in the street, I told President Obama directly about our Pledge of Resistance; that more than 53,000 people have pledged to commit civil disobedience if he takes the next step to approve Keystone XL.

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Unfortunately, from the President's remarks at the event, it seems like he is still paying too much attention to the false claims of the pipeline advocates.1 This President simply must put a higher value on saving the planet than on attempts to mollify those who will profit from the pipeline. So we have to make the political price for failing to lead on global warming – and failing to block Keystone XL – even greater.

Committing to engage in civil disobedience that could result in your arrest if necessary to stop Keystone XL is not a thing that everyone can and should do. But we believe there are at least 100,000 people out there who are ready to make that commitment.

If you are one of those people, and you are ready to take the next step to stop Keystone XL, please sign the pledge of resistance now.

To build pressure on the President, we've set a goal of reaching 100,000 people who have taken the pledge by this summer.

The weight of history is on our side. And so are the facts: Keystone XL is a lose-lose for our environment and our economy.

But President Obama is still talking about it like it's a tradeoff - despite the tar sands crude spill in Mayflower, Arkansas, the State Department report that said the pipeline will produce literally 35 permanent jobs, the fact that the only crude Americans get from this export pipeline will be the crude that spills, that it will make gas prices GO UP, and to top it all off, lead to "game over for the climate."2

If you are ready to take the next step please sign the pledge here.

If you aren't ready to take the pledge, but want to help spread the word, please forward this email to others who might want to.

Thanks for standing with us to fight Keystone XL.

Michael Kieschnick, President and CEO
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1. "Obama Tells Donors of Tough Politics of Environment," New York Times, 4/4/13.
1. "Keystone: All Risk, No Reward ," Media Matters, 4/1/13.

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