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4,298 votes. That's how close we came to defeating Michele Bachmann last November.

Since then, she's made a mockery of the House Intelligence Committee, fallen under ethics investigations for activities during her presidential campaign, and continued spewing her trademark delusional, paranoid and hateful statements.

In 2014, we won't come up short again. We're going to Beat Bachmann.

So starting now, CREDO SuperPAC is launching a sustained, grassroots effort to overcome that 4,296 vote margin. We know we can win, but it will take significant resources to keep this campaign going through the election.

Chip in $5 to make sure this is the very last term in Congress for the Tea Party's Queen of Crazy.

Starting early is the key to beating Bachmann.

Last year, the five Tea Party Republicans that we defeated were all in districts where we had field offices open the earliest, by April 1.

But most thought it was impossible to beat Bachmann, and even we were skeptical of a path to victory, so we didn't launch our campaign against her until August of 2012. That was too late to close the gap. Now that we've seen how vulnerable she is, we won't make that mistake again.

We're not wasting any time to start building a sustained, volunteer-based, grassroots effort to tip the balance and make Bachmann too toxic for the voters in her district.

Chip in $5 now to help us open a district office in Minnesota and hire organizers to build a volunteer-fueled, grassroots campaign to Beat Bachmann.

If you think it's crazy to start a 2014 campaign eighteen months before the election – just remember that Michele Bachmann has said that gay marriage is the biggest problem facing our nation, that carbon pollution is harmless, that the HPV vaccination causes mental retardation, that Obamacare "kills," that 70% of food stamps go to "bureaucrats," that intelligent design is accepted science, that our tax code is a "weapon of mass destruction," that the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating U.S. government, that financial reform efforts equate with Mussolini-style fascism, that President Obama is "anti-American" and "turning our country into a nation of slaves" – and she is still serving in Congress and on the House Intelligence Committee!

It is simply unacceptable to allow Bachmann's delusional and hateful rhetoric to continue having a place in Congress. Together, we can put a stop to it. Starting now.

Chip in $5 now to Beat Bachmann:

Thanks for helping us beat Bachmann.

Becky Bond, President

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