Deadline Earth Day: Stop Keystone XL

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Deadline Earth Day: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

April 22 is the last chance, before President Obama makes a decision, to submit a comment opposing the Keystone XL pipeline. To send a big message, we've set a goal of delivering 200,000 comments. Help us reach the goal to block the "game over for the climate" tar sands pipeline.

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Dear 5849376,

The massive tar sands spill in Mayflower, Arkansas is just the latest tragic reminder: The Keystone XL pipeline is not in our nation's interest, it's a national disaster.

But the State Department's latest sham environmental review of Keystone XL - actually written by contractors paid by the pipeline developer2,3 - ignores the prospect of guaranteed toxic spills and ignores the fact that Keystone XL will mean "game over for the climate" by lighting fuse to the carbon bomb of the Alberta tar sands.4

This April 22 - which so happens to be Earth Day - we can send the Obama administration a message that it cannot ignore. It's the final day to submit public comments on the pipeline before President Obama makes his decision. And if ever there were a time to go big, this is it.

Tell President Obama: Reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Submit a comment now to help deliver 200,000 comments against Keystone XL.

President Obama has made clear that he is paying close attention to public opinion on KXL5 - but apparently he seems to think that most Americans are being fooled by oil companies' desperate lies.

Your comment makes sure he knows that's not true. Americans who know the facts about Keystone XL are firmly against it.

The truth is that Keystone XL is all risk and no reward.

The pipeline, running 1,700 miles from the Canadian border to the shipping ports of the gulf coast, will carry ten times as much crude as the Pegasus pipeline that ruptured in Mayflower. If President Obama approves it, he'll be letting the tar sands industry use the entire length of our country as its spill pad in exchange for a measly 35 permanent jobs.

As a pipeline to export Canadian crude to foreign markets, Keystone XL will actually increase gas prices in America. The only oil we will see will be the oil that spills on our land and in our water.6

But worst of all, Keystone XL is the lynchpin oil companies need to increase production in the tar sands. Without KXL, extracting tar sands bitumen may be too expensive to continue.7 But with KXL, we get "game over for the climate."8

The State Department has so far ignored that reality, instead adopting the cynical and false reasoning that the oil sands will be burned anyway, so we should let the bankers and oil companies profit while the planet inevitably burns. This is coward's logic. And we will not be silent in the face of it.

Make sure the president gets the message by Earth Day: Stand up to the oil companies, protect Americans, and reject Keystone XL.

Thanks for fighting Keystone XL.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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