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The fracking industry is strip-mining the Midwest to produce frac sand, a key component in the industry's toxic method of oil and gas extraction.1 2

Communities in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa are being threatened with cancer-causing air pollution, water contamination, and endless diesel truck traffic as demand for frac sand skyrockets, and the industry rapidly expands its frac sand mining, processing and transportation operations in the region.3

Absurdly, this dramatic boom in industrial frac sand mining is taking place with few regulations and before the health impacts of frac sand mining are well understood.4 Impacted communities are fighting back by pressuring their local governments to pass moratoriums on frac sand mining and to reject proposals for new mines and mining infrastructure. A critical step in addressing the dangers posed by the frac sand mining rush is passing statewide bans on new frac sand mines — but that won't happen without fierce grassroots organizing at the local level.

CREDO recently launched a new, cutting-edge, people-powered platform at that allows activists like you to launch and run their own campaigns with tools and resources from CREDO Action. Winning the fight against frac sand mining will require local, grassroots organizing, and provides customized online tools to power this fight. Will you join the fight by starting a campaign telling your local government to call for a statewide ban on new frac sand mines and to do everything in its power to prevent the local expansion of frac sand mining?

Click here and hit the orange "Start a campaign" button to launch your own petition calling on your local government to stand up against frac sand mining.

The tool makes starting a petition very simple, and we've provided everything you need, including sample language to help you write an effective petition. Our platform at is brand new, and we're asking you to help us test drive it. There may be some bumps and hiccups along the way, but we'll be with you at every step to troubleshoot problems you run into, helping you grow your petition, and fight and win your campaign.

Even if your community isn't directly threatened by industrial frac sand mining, it's important for you to put pressure on your local government. Local elected officials can pass resolutions calling for a ban on industrial frac sand mining until it can be proven safe, and by doing so put pressure on the state government to act. People and the media listen to elected officials, so getting them to publicly stand up to the fracking industry can do a lot to build the case for a ban on new mines.

Click here and hit the orange "Start a campaign" button to launch your own petition calling on your local government to stand up against frac sand mining.

Frac sand mining is frighteningly destructive. Mines can cover more than 100 acres of land, which is transformed into a desolate moonscape as topsoil and sand are stripped away. Sand is then crushed, sorted, washed, dried, and transported by truck to facilities that load it onto trains, which in turn ship it to Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and other states that use it for fracking operations.

Sand mines, processing facilities, and rail facilities all create constant diesel truck traffic, noise, and air pollution. In addition to the dangers posed by truck exhaust, frac sand itself exacerbates asthma and other respiratory illnesses, causes cancer and puts people at risk of the deadly lung disease silicosis. Plus, frac sand mining puts aquifers at greater risk of contamination by industrial and agricultural chemicals because removing topsoil eliminates a natural filter between aquifers and surface spills.

Residents of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa deserve better than to be endangered by a hazardous, poorly regulated extraction process so that the fossil fuel industry can make a profit. The industry has deep pockets and lots of political influence, but grassroots action is a proven method for creating change and fighting back against injustice.

Click here and hit the orange "Start a campaign" button to launch your own petition calling on your local government to stand up against frac sand mining.

Thanks for your hard work and determined activism.

Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets helps CREDO activists like you make progressive change and fight regressive policies by creating online petitions. Click here to start a petition today.

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