A major blow to the NRA

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Dear Friend,

Yesterday was the first major test of the NRA's power after Newtown. Not only did we defeat the NRA, we gave it a resounding "F."

Just three weeks ago, the NRA was on the verge of picking up another friend in Congress; two of the three leading congressional candidates in the special election race in Illinois had "A" ratings from the NRA.

Yet none of the independent organizations involved in the race were reaching out to voters in-person, with a strongly anti-NRA message.

But thanks to the support of more than 5,000 activists, in less than a week, CREDO SuperPAC was able to quickly step in and fill the void, mobilizing a canvas operation that knocked on the doors of over 20,000 strategically chosen voters.

Today, by a big margin, the winning candidate likely heading to Congress isn't rated "A" by the NRA, she's rated "F." It's a major message to the NRA that their power is seriously weakened. But there's so much more to do.

The ability to quickly mobilize for progressive victories is why we launched CREDO SuperPAC. But we can't seize these moments without your support.

Can you chip in $10 a month to make sure we're ready to engage — and win — in the next fight?

This wasn't just a victory against the NRA. It was also another victory for our model of strategic, data-driven grassroots campaigns.

In a time when most campaigns are dominated by big money and television ad wars, CREDO SuperPAC uses donations from thousands of activists to fund targeted in-person voter contact operations.

We believe it's the best — and most cost effective — way to to empower grassroots activists to stand up to powerful special interests like the NRA, or to big spending by right wing SuperPACs.

CREDO SuperPAC has used this model to take down five Tea Party Republicans, and now two NRA "A" rated candidates. The next fight is coming soon. With your help, we can keep winning progressive victories. But only with your help.

Chip in $10 a month to help us keep winning against right wing extremists.

Thanks for helping send a strong message to the NRA, and for contributing to our next great progressive victory.

Becky Bond, President

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