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Subject: Join the fight to demand real immigration reform

Dear Friend,

Our current immigration laws are a disaster. Today, over 11 million immigrants live in the United States without the full protection of our legal system or a framework that would provide them with a path to participate in our democracy. The time is now for real immigration reform that keeps families together, protects immigrants from violence and discrimination, and provides immigrants who are living in America and contributing to our society a pathway to citizenship.

Most of these immigrants have lived in this country for more than a decade and have come to America to seek a better life for their families. They are Americans-in-waiting who are ready to fulfill the requirements of our citizenship process - to study English, pay taxes, maintain a good record and be of good moral character.

Instead of focusing on an inhumane, costly and dysfunctional "enforcement" strategy it's time to switch to an approach that is both more humane and that makes more economic sense.

I just signed a petition urging my senators to support real immigration reform that will include a roadmap to citizenship for America's 11 million immigrants. I hope you will join the cause by signing the petition below.

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