Thank you for taking action to protect women and save VAWA

Thanks for taking action.

Here are some ways you can spread the word to make sure Eric Cantor and extremist House Republicans gets the message loud and clear.

If you are on Facebook, click here to post the petition to your Wall.

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Hey #GOP and @EricCantor: Stop blocking the real #VAWA #fem2 via @CREDOMobile

You can also send the following e-mail to your friends and family. Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

Thanks for all you do.

--The CREDO Action Team

Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Extremist House Republicans are blocking the Violence Against Women Act

Dear Friend,

Ten Republicans in the House have broken rank with their party and are now joining Democrats in support of reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. It's time to increase the public pressure on the other 231 Republicans in the House who, in an appalling act of extremist intransigence, are blocking a bill which should pass with broad bipartisan support.

Women's lives are at risk, and there is no more time for partisan delay.

Tell Eric Cantor and extremist House Republicans: Stop blocking the Violence Against Women Act.

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